Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fuel starvation problem licked!

Now that we have a fuel surge tank and plumbing installed, we got the fuel pumps wired up yesterday. We also rolled the other rear fender because of the larger tires we're running. We then towed the heap down to our original testing ground (parking lot) and tried it out. The car ran great and the new tires are a LOT more fun!

We then pumped out the main fuel tank and then poured ~3/4 gallon back in. We threw the car around for around 30 min and never had the slightest fuel starvation hiccup in power! Now, wheel spin we had plenty of in those tight corners...

Here's some testing video:

Next up for us: Finish our theme update for the Reno-Fernley race!

Monday, April 20, 2009

lots of progess

We scavenged through 2 Pick Your Part locations the day before Easter and finally found five 15" wheels that would fit our Honda's small bolt pattern. Our new tires (thanks Big-O!) look great and promise to handle much better than the ones we had last time.

This past weekend we built a surge tank to deal with our fuel starvation issues while cornering. It looks like it will work well but we have to finish wiring the extra fuel pump.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big-O Tires in Newark, CA

I thought I'd put in a plug here on our blog for our sponsor, Big-O Tires in Newark, CA! They agreed that with our slogan of "Giving the racing economy the Big 'O'" they were a good match for helping us out.
They've been awesome to us in supplying us new and used tires. If you live in the area please consider giving them a chance to earn your tire and service business! Please tell them we sent you!

To John and the gang at Big-O, Team StimPack thanks you for your support!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Track time!

We got the car out on the track last Friday (Thunderhill) and it ran great! We were getting fuel starvation issues below 3/4 full though, which is apparently a result of our using the original caburated civic fuel tank so we'll try a swap with a baffled FI tank and see how she does! It handled fine for a crap can race car with our best lap time of 2:27 on the full 3 mile course. The tires we were using were old hard tires so it should be more fun with stickier ones during the race.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What an April Fools' Day!

We "fixed" our "overheating" and non-working tachometer problem last night by grounding the gauge cluster better. However, we then noticed that the gas gauge was no longer working. We pulled that ground off again and the gas gauge returned to normal, the tach went dead, and the temp gauge shot up to full hot! WTF??

Well, we loaded up the car on the tow dolly anyhow and went down to our local "test track" (empty biz park) at ~11:00 pm and had a blast! The car is running great and is really zippy! (I won't say fast...) I can't wait until tomorrow when we head to Thunderhill Raceway for testing!