Monday, May 25, 2009

6th place overall!!

The weekend started out with an afternoon photo shoot in the Golden Sierras on Thursday. Holding back the press and our fans we were able to get some good clean shots.

From Team Stimulus Package

From Team Stimulus Package

Day Zero .... Friday was a bit exciting. We did not pass tech with the lotto cage or the kill switch. Got those fixed and then got a little track time to test the car. We found that we leaked fuel into the cabin. We tried a number of fixes. In the end we went back to a closed system. Opting for no breather and hoping the pressure did not build enough to cause problems.

Day One we had racked up 127 laps and were in 6th place. Darryl ran two stints and had some great dicing with multiple other teams. At the end of the day we swapped the tires around, checked the fluids and she was ready to roll for Sunday. Tire wear on the fronts was significant. Brakes and fluids were great.

The weather was not as warm as expected. With high clouds on Saturday, wind and thunderstorms in the evening.

Many teams came out in costume. Spy vs Spy brought matching black and white rabbits. Even the kids got involved.
From Team Stimulus Package

The chili feed and lotto on Saturday, brought in funds for the Santa Clara Burn Center.

Day Two had more excitement with less overall track time. By using great teamwork, a little luck and just 2 short black flags we were with in spitting distance of first place. Bill brought her home with a three abreast drag to the checkered. All this following an off track incident by our firefighting friends. We finished with 216 laps, 6th overall, and 2nd in class! Just 6 laps off of the leader!

Talk about a stimulating experience!

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  1. Thanks again for the beers and the movie on Sunday night... I woke up in the morning and felt bad... so i did a little damage control :)