Tuesday, July 7, 2009

autocross video footage

I got the video clips together from Sunday's autocross. I didn't get a chance to film on Saturday as I only got two runs in before the low pressure fuel pump revealed that it had previously siezed... The video clips totaled about 12 minutes so I had to break them into two parts. (Note: the resolution is allegedly better if you hit the HQ button after it starts playing. It will take you to YouTube directly.)

It was a lot of fun to huck a toilet equipped car around the course! FWIW, I only got a 0.1 sec better time around the course in my Subaru WRX with lots of suspension mods!

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  1. You guys seen this yet? www.chumpcar.com

    You BETTER make it up to PIR! Beers on us this time considering its a whopping 3 miles from my house! :)