Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New engine, old engine, more parts

Bill, Cody, and I hit the Newark pick-n-pull on Monday, Labor day (1/2 price weekend!), and took apart the engine from a 1986 Acura Integra to get the pistions and connecting rods (we want the con rods). Stripped off the piston rings and tossed them in the nearby cars. Then we went off to find the "best" of the 1988-89 Integras. There were 4 of them and we picked the one in row 109.

We pulled the engine and transmission out and harvested the end gears and cover from the transmission so we can put those on the spare transmission. Then took the transmission, clutch, and flywheel off since we wern't buying those. We then pulled the head off and the oil pan off so we could get the pistions out and slide in the pistons/con rods from the 1986. This way we would only have to pay for the "engine" ($80 for half price day). We packed up and left with the engine (and alternator), starter, a few extra little parts and an oil pump from the 1986 that Bill is selling separately. ~$170 with the core charges.

I took those back to the shop (Hayward), and after I grabbed some lunch and water! I moved the engine inside (had to push the HondAcura out side to get the engine hoist over to the truck).

I then pulled the head from the low compression motor, this was the one with the dropped valves (busted retainer), and looked inside. The valves are not actually broken, the #3 cylinder valve is jammed open by a piece of metal, and the #4 is bent and won't close, probably because it hit the pistion. See the picture. Looks like something was bouncing around in cylinder 1, 3, 4 and maybe 2. The aluminum (silver) on the chamber roof, probably came from the pistion tops.

Because the tops of the #3, #4 and probably #1 pistion appear to have been dented by something small bouncing around in the cylinder. Not sure what that piece of metal stuck in the valve is, but its probably a part of a bolt or nut. Which came from ???????

The good news is we have a new engine to refurb, and we can build a second one from the other two blocks and good heads.

I have the bad head and the old block in the truck, I'll be dropping those off at PnP for the core $$.

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